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As an aside, here’s an interesting article in Financial Week, written prior to the verdict, about what the jury in the Greg Reyes trial didn’t hear: “Gesturing from the bench with a dismissive wave of his hand, the (Judge Breyer)concluded: “[What] these transcripts…demonstrate to me is how incomplete and inadequate and less than forthcoming people are during these calls…Why isn’t the government then entitled to show how artificial and how structured and how incomplete these discussions are which go out to the market in terms of information….

With the filing of charges against Byrd, we come a little closer.…Byrd himself benefited from 800,000 backdated options purportedly granted at .70 in April 2001, the SEC charged.In truth, the company didn’t settle on the number of options he should receive until mid-June, a month after he was promoted to president and chief operating officer.They led the investigation which resulted in the restatements and Reyes’ resignation as CEO.But KPMG Consulting had been involved with Brocade in the past, while Andersen was the auditor.

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