Dating a man set in his ways can dating scans be wrong

If his ex and kids hate him then you should wonder why? It’s important to see whether your ‘potential new man’ already has a healthy work/life balance in place. He should have his own friends and his own interests, but hopefully be over nightclubbing with his mates every Friday and Saturday night, after all – you are! But there is also the issue with decreasing virility and stamina as a man ages.

If the answer is no, it’s worth asking him why as maybe he is a confirmed bachelor; is this what you really want? If you still plan to be sexually active for quite a few years yet, it’s important to ensure that your partner is sexually compatible with you, no matter what age he is.

Well by some anomaly, they often start to consider and actively engage in dating men significantly older than them; that’s if they don’t swing in completely the other direction and start taking up with men 10 years younger, which personally sounds like a living hell to me.

However, I have known friends do it quite successfully stating: “he keeps me feeling young”.

Maybe you wish your partner were a little more romantic or helped out around the house.

Just because the yelling, nagging and bribing hasn't gotten you anywhere doesn't mean you can't get him to change his ways.

He may seem all big and tough on the outside, but don't assume it's OK to tease him about his gut or call him lazy (unless you don't mind if he jokes about your wobbly bits).

Instead, focus on how you can get in shape together.

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But if you’re considering dating a man 10 or more years older than you and are already in your 30’s or over; then these are all factors that you really do need to take into consideration before you become his “ girlfriend” or possibly his wife.I mean, it’s not like you didn’t look 18 – you wore lipstick, perfume, tight jeans the lot!So you go through your 20s dating men a few years older than you because you realise that for the most part, men who are younger than you, well in many ways they’re still pretty much teenagers and you really don’t have time for immature nonsense."So pick your partner up from work one Friday and whisk him away for the weekend, or treat him to a romantic dinner one night." Photo: Thinkstock Fantasy: George Clooney's toned physique.Reality: A big ol' beer belly, thanks to your husband's penchant for brewskies and burgers (and aversion to the gym).

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