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Find out if they are in any way linked to the lost staff.

But be careful -- even the Dwarves have not ventured in these old halls for many years.

You have found all the clues leading to the hidden treasure. The Old Forest is just south-east of the town of Derth. The Sandworm Lair is to the far west of Derth, near the sea.The extra speed and maximum distance you can move are reduced by your Fatigue level.Activate the infusion to cure yourself of one random magical, physical or mental effect and increase affinity for all damage by 16% (scales with Constitution) for 6 turns.While Heroism is active, you will only die when reaching -340 life. If your life is below 0 when this effect wears off it will be set to 1. Activate the infusion to increase movement speed by 477% for 1 game turn.Also prevent stuns, dazes and pinning effects for 5 turns.

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