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by dizzywood | May 13, 2014 | flashbacks Do you know the history of Dizzywood?

He’s also responsible for the “look and feel” of the world, so when you were spending all those hours exploring through Presto’s Grove, Tanglevine Jungle and the Skylands, you were enjoying Jake’s work. That’s enormous–but not as cool as an actual flying whale! by dizzywood | May 17, 2014 | flashbacks Did you know that there was an unreleased map of Dizzywood that showed far more about the known worlds than was ever revealed in the game?That’s why we’re very excited about Jake’s latest project, a Kickstarter for his new book, Sky Heart. The official in-game map was really quite small by comparison, encompassing only a handful of areas that were accessible, like Presto’s Grove, Presto’s Edge, Tanglevine Jungle and Canal City.The original map, sketched by the incredibly talented Jake Parker and inked by the considerably less talented Scott Arpajian, shows many amazing places in Dizzywood that never quite made it into the game.Years ago, many woodland creatures wandered into the underground mines while the evil Emperor Withering was ransacking the sacred temple.His mining operation threw strange corrupted magicks into the air. The good news is that the crystal critters could be brought back to life with the help of Kan the Geomancer.

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