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But in pursuit of standing out, you could be ostracizing an entire group of people who might not get your humor.Instead of going for “funny,” pursue “witty.” It’ll show off how smart you are while simultaneously opening up doors for conversation.Not so keen on sharing your employment status with the world? The more legit you seem (and less like a catfishing Internet predator you appear), the more likely you are to create functional and lasting matches. But to create your own, think of things that would make YOU respond.Finally, the best thing you can have at your disposal is confidence. Hey, if it would work on you, it’ll probably work on your soulmate too.only to learn that he lied about his age and was actually only 18.Not the end of the world, but certainly a deal-breaker for me.The photos they choose accentuate receding hairlines and squinty eyes that they don't even . How can such smart, awesome people have such little self-awareness?I've been actively using Tinder for a few months now. And we are quite vocal with each other about admiring profiles we like and shitting on profiles we think are terrible. Whether we want to have meaningless sex with you or try for something sort of real, we take into account more than just how hot you are when deciding if we want to swipe right.

I want to help both my guy friends and, indirectly, you, make great Tinder profiles. And then when you're done reading this, feel free to delete it from your browser history so nobody knows a thing. I realize Tinder isn't OKCupid or Match, but that doesn't stop women from succumbing to their natural tendency to create complexity out of every single little thing. This early in the swiping game, you (and me) are disposable.According to a report by the New York Times, men swipe right on Tinder 46 percent of the time and women only swipe right 14 percent of the time. Do you know how many objectively hot men I've swiped left on because something in their description gave me a feeling they were an asshole, or because one of their pictures planted images in my head of them playing FIFA in their boxers while leftover pizza rotted in their fridge? The bottom line here is you need to consider both your pictures your description when making the best profile. Neither of us are under any obligation to click on each other's profiles to learn more about each other.That means there are a whole lot more of you wanting to fuck US than there are of us wanting to fuck YOU. Well, I feel like when guys are on Tinder, they operate on a simple binary scale of 1 or 0. If only one is awesome at the expense of the other, that 14 percent is just going to get lower. So you have to make me can happen is if I can see your face.Either that, or they have one that's limited to, like, a boring, nondescript word.And not only do their descriptions not accurately reflect their vivacious personalities, but their profile pictures look NOTHING like them.

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