Is damon fizzy really dating taylor swift

The same year, he also started giving live performances on You Now whose recordings were later posted on You Tube and other channels.

Despite starting his career at a later stage when compared with other social media stars, Damon Fizzy created his own niche and grew to be a matured star.

Is whatever Taylor's working on a direct response to all that?

Or is the video not a snake at all and perhaps the tail of something like an alligator or dragon?

Don't get too excited: the Internet's new favorite celebrity couple are (almost certainly) not dating.

But that isn't keeping social media from pretending they are.

Or the third video will not only have the head of a snake, but also the date of when new music is coming? It all started when the "Blank Space" singer got wrapped up in the drama with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian last summer.

When he started his You Tube Channel, Damon said that his main objective is to keep all the people around him happy.

He is an internet star who got a great fan following at a young age.

Rather than just focusing on a limited number of skills like singing and dancing, Damon Fizzy is a complete artist who focuses on entertaining his fans through various means.

His status grew to be that of a youth icon with a wide following among fans of his age.

Looking at his popularity many corporates like Ford too have started booking him as their brand ambassador.

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