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During the attempted robbery, prior to her murder, she manages the situation by chatting with the intruders in a cool and friendly fashion; Perry later claims to have liked her, in spite of what he later does to her.

Kenyon, who is fifteen, is more solitary than his sister, and uninterested in dating, preferring to spend his time in the Clutters’ basement workshop, where he does carpentry and mechanical projects.

Dick initiates the plan to rob the Clutters, but wavers when the time comes to carry out the murders, and instead becomes a bystander as Perry executes all four members of the family.

Dick is a self-assured, smooth-talking petty criminal, who is always scheming to make a quick buck, but at times his bluster outstrips his real commitment to the plans he initiates.

He comes from a troubled background, and he harbors escapist fantasies of grand adventures in exotic locales, and of being rescued from his woes by beautiful yellow parrots.

His demure, reflective presence is a sharp contrast to Dick’s bombastic personality, and the pair spend much of their time at friendly odds with one another.

Another prisoner on death row, who has been convicted of the cold-blooded murders of his parents and sister.

Prior to this revelation, however, we learn that he is sensitive, thoughtful, creative, and highly intelligent.She also devotes time to teaching younger girls music, sewing, and baking; in fact, her only shortcoming seems to be her tendency to over-commit herself to helping others.She is dating – and claims to be in love with – Bobby Rupp, the star of the high school basketball team.A specialist in criminal psychology from the Larned State Hospital, who examines Perry and Dick in preparation for the trial.He prepares a comprehensive diagnosis of the two defendants, but is prevented from testifying in court.

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