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Even worse, Lyca Mobile claim that calls to Lyca Mobile Plus numbers are completely free.

However, this only applies to Lyca Mobile Plus numbers in non-UK countries and there’s actually a 15p flat connection fee for these calls.

If that’s not bad enough, they are also limited to 30 minutes in length otherwise you’ll get charged extra. Thankfully, we’ve done a great job at deciphering it and you can read about the details of the new Lyca Mobile Plus tariff later in this review.

Overall, Lyca Mobile offers a good service at a very cheap rate as long as you fully understand all of the pricing scheme and the total you’ll be charged.

How are organizations striking the balance between new initiatives and cost control?

You can also buy bundles of cheap international minutes to selected countries.

Lyca Mobile Plus offers tons of deals but be sure to read the relevant small-print before signing up.

They offer free minutes and texts when topping up but these only work to UK Lyca Mobile Plus numbers.

They have good customer service and charge fair rates for UK calls and texts.

Their 3p/minute price for UK landlines is amazing and their cheap international calls to several countries is aspect of the Lyca Mobile Plus tariff is found when looking at the international rates.

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