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An online support group can help you connect with other people who are like you and can help you identify solutions. If you are a parent who has experienced worry during a deployment, or if your servicemember has a parent who gets extremely worried during deployment, we would be interested in hearing your stories. “They said we should put him in an institution.” The Mc Daniels decided firmly against putting Jared in an institution.

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Dan wrote: He called Mother’s Day morning and she cried for an hour afterwards. She has always been an emotional person but this is off the charts even for her. At Spousebuzz, we know that everyone reacts differently to the stresses of military life.

I have tried giving her survival stats but that doesn’t concern a mother that thinks her son will be the one to come home in a body bag. Because Dan noted that this reaction was “off the charts even for her,” I reached out to our own Ms.

I have told her she needs to talk with someone, psychologist, support group–someone. Vicki, a counselor who works extensively with military members and their families. Vicki pointed out that this mom sounds like she is experiencing some symptoms of depression.

The National Military Family Association has collected benefits and resources for concerned parents.

Michelle Joyner of NMFA points out that reading really does help parents put their concerns in order.

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