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First, we have to define what we mean by intergenerational.For my purposes I peg it at a 10 year difference between couples.Now that we can get married in so many states, now that we can adopt children, now that we can bear children on our own, gay males are without question settling into more stable ways of dating, expressing our love, and getting into relationships.There is a great hunger on the part of many gay men to be in stable, loving relationships and this just might be a driving force behind the possible rise in intergenerational couples.Individuals are naturally and innately curious, so if you uncover everything to her in your first message then she's no reason to get at know you better. Do not send a page long message about yourself on the first contact. With dating online you are not bound by geographic limitations.You could meet someone halfway around the globe and still develop a relationship with them.

The answer, it seems to me, has more to do with younger guys than it does with older guys.Older guys, straight or gay, will almost always be more physically and sexually attracted to younger, so they will always be more open to intergenerational coupling than younger guys. So what drives younger guys into the arms of the older?There is pretty much a consensus among evolutionary psychologists that men are biologically programmed to be attracted to "healthy" partners (it assures procreation). Sometimes it is physical - they simply like the look of an older man - but in my intergenerational relationships I've noticed something else at work.You are probably thinking that it does not make sense, but think about it for a second.If you are on a dating online site then the woman you are after might already have dozens of men expressing their interest in her.

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