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This facies is found in the Rhone valley, Gard, Gardon and the Ardèche.

Made on thick flakes, scrapers often show a retouche Quina or Demi-Quina.

This town is backed by limestone massif (Massif de Guercy) overlooking the Rhone valley from nearly 120 meters above the river.

This village has a remarkable natural and archaeological heritage.

The Soyons region is embedded in a larger framwork of the Middle Rhone valley, where beginning with late MIS6 a continuous settlement of humans is well contested.

The village of Soyons is located in the middle Rhone Valley, on the right bank of the river, 6 km south-west of Valence.

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Technologically we find a of discoidal, Levallois and blade techniques.A response entitled “The Answer” which was circulated in was fingered more often than the others as the most likely author.His firm, however, denied that the banker so named (who did indeed work for that entity) did anything more than forward the message to friends, an act that inserted his signature block into the fray and caused some to take him for the originator of the piece.This is a nice, 9 cm long Quina-scraper with thinned back from Soyons (Ardèche, France; exact find spot unknown).This artifact is characteristic for the Rhodanian / Quina oriental, dating to MIS4.

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