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“You must understand, we’ve had quite a few people trying to do hatchet-job stories lately, and we really see no value in participating in a rehash of past news, controversies, responding to claims by detractors, etc.,” James Florez, managing director of Burson-Marsteller Public Affairs in Dallas, replied to a request for an interview with White.Outspoken critics, including several bishops from Central Florida and around the country, say they have been warned that they face being sued for libel and slander if they make disparaging remarks about White on the record.Also in 2007, the as part of an investigative series on the Whites and their church, reported that an independent audit showed the couple and Without Walls ministries brought in nearly million in 2006.

Meanwhile, Randy remained over the church but leased a Malibu, Calif., beachfront and returned to preach at Without Walls only sporadically.

Last August, Without Walls’ financial troubles resurfaced when the 10,000-seat Lakeland site suddenly closed after its electric service had been discontinued for lack of payment.

Paula White, through a public relations firm, declined to be interviewed for this article.

White has been described on her Facebook page as a “smokin’ Barbie” by an admirer, while Tims so resembled the actor and rapper Will Smith that one of his You Tube clips is titled “The New Fresh Prince of Preachers.” Attractive, fit, fashionably dressed and rich, each at the height of their career could pack a house of worship and fill collection plates, bringing in millions of dollars a year to their respective ministries. In a financial affidavit submitted in his divorce, Tims reported that he earned ,400 a month and listed as assets a .2 million home in Windermere and 7,000 in savings.

But his standard of living would have paled in comparison to White’s.

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