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Windows XP isn't eligible for a free update to Windows 10.That is more of a concern for home- rather than business users of Windows, but if you are running a Windows XP shop and looking to upgrade, there will be a cost attached.

These security updates are being made available to all customers, including those using older versions of Windows.” Microsoft says it is releasing updates for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and all other more recent unsupported and supported versions of Windows due to an “elevated risk” of attacks that are similar to the Wanna Cry malware.Did Windows Vista scare you off updating your PC so much that you let Windows 7 and 8 pass you by?Well, the time has come for you to move on because full XP support is no more, starting today. governments, for example, paid Microsoft a few million dollars to extend support for a year, The Guardian reported. Well, if any bugs are found after Tuesday, Microsoft won't be fixing them, though it will support antimalware signatures for XP through July 14, 2015. At its recent Build conference, Microsoft lowered the system requirements for Windows 8.1 so more machines can upgrade to the latest OS.There are numerous reasons why people might still opt to use the ancient OS, including the simplest of all -- because they like it, and it works for them -- but time has moved on considerably since XP first arrived in 2001, and the OS is missing a lot of features.Don’t worry though, you can bring XP up to date quickly and easily.

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