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:) Does dark and dusty and small jive with any one's creative spirit? For a cheep and super quick upgrade to a little more stylish and slightly bigger table, I turned to some 2x4s.

Updating old laminate furniture can be just as simple as solid wood – if you know how!

This corner shelf was a wedding present from my mom.

Here are the before pics in case you don’t remember …

Rather than pulling out old fitted furniture and chucking that old chest of drawers, you can update old furniture for a fraction of the price. As you would with wood, first give the furniture a good clean, getting all the grease off it – fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Then lightly sand the surface – this will help the primer and paint adhere.

haha :) Although, you may see it painted in the next few months.....thats how I roll :) Anyway. As you can see from the dust, I obviously did not use this desk..ever.

Here's the before of the desk sans crap all over it. It was too small for anything really and just didn't jive with my creative spirit.

updating old furniture-48

Finally, using the colour of your choice, paint the furniture in 2-3 coats for an even finish.

Take pine furniture back to its raw state by sandpapering it so you have a blank canvas to work with.2.

Paint your newly sandpapered furniture with a bright, solid colour or two colours which complement each other.3.

Like every other month, you just work two days and got five days off. I mean, I guess I can just not work at all, but that's what keeps me sane, and what keeps my insane ideas a reality :) Here's a not so insane idea, but its an idea.

A super easy one at that, something that anyone can do to update a desk or a table.

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