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The personal computer portion 12 of the system 10 can be any system capable of being programmed as described herein, but, in the preferred embodiment, is a system capable of running the Microsoft Windows environment.

This system 10 comprises a personal computer portion 12 having a hardware bus 14, a plurality of motion control hardware controllers 16 a, 16 b, and 16 c, and mechanical systems 18 a, 18 b, and 18 c that interact with one or more objects (not shown) to be moved.

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Initially, it should be noted that, in most situations, the method described in this section will normally but not necessarily involve the labors of at least two and perhaps three separate software programmers: a software system designer; a hardware designer familiar with the intricacies of the motion control device; and a motion control system designer.

More particularly, based on data input by the user 24 and the contents of the application program 26, the software system 22 generates control commands that are transmitted by one or more streams such as those indicated at 28 a, 28 b, 28 c, and 28 d.

The personal computer portion 12 contains a software system 22 that allows an application user 24 to create software applications 26 that control the motion control devices 20.

Each software driver exposes a service provider interface comprising a set of driver functions. The SPI for the exemplary software system 22 is attached hereto as Appendix A.

Driver code of at least one software driver associates at least one driver function with at least one control command. The software system designer next defines an application programming interface (API) comprising a set of component functions.

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