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This period was supposed to be self study, but for some reason in this school it meant ' and this school happened to be the most prestigious high school in Japan Eitoku Gakuen. They walked along the halls of the school like heirs to a throne.But among all these pampered people, there was a whole new level of rich.Summary: Fate has an odd way of making history repeat itself.The fairytale ending was only the beginning of a tragedy.

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" Daiki more like stated, Ryosuke narrowed his eyes."So..." Yuri smirked."So technically you let them in" Ryosuke sat up straight."Wait no, my Father owns the school, and this stupid scholarship thing was the Old Lady's idea" He said reffering to his mother.Seven years after the birth of her son Domyoji Tuskushi sufferers a terrible accident that leaves her in a coma.Ten years since she still hasn't woken up, Tsukasa has turned into a total monster, having spent the last ten years in a terrible mood with his son who has come to resent both his father and his mother.Calm down so we can have a peaceful lunch," Yuto said, placing his hand on Ryosuke's shoulder and after a final look at them, continued they continued on their way up.Yuri and Daiki both gave each other a knowing glance that could be called playful humor as they heard Ryosuke's words, following the other two up the stairs as they ascended.

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